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Selling a House

Questions About Selling?

As a current homeowner, you have already been through the home-buying process at least once, if not more. However, you may not have had the opportunity to sell a home yet. Others may not be new to the process, but perhaps many years have passed since your last sale. Regardless of your past level of experience, you probably have questions and concerns that need to be addressed before you can proceed. Questions regarding current market conditions, for example. Or, how much can I sell my home for?

For these and many other questions, call me today so that I can evaluate your home and listen to your needs. I will work with you to determine the best plan to achieve your goals and get you the highest return on your investment. Not only will I use my extensive real estate knowledge to help save you money, but my goal is to also make you money in the process. I will help you to avoid the classic & costly mistakes that occur in so many real estate transactions. I strive to alleviate the fears and hassles associated with moving.

In order for me to truly provide you with the most accurate quote of your home’s value, I will need to visit you and personally evaluate your home’s condition, including seeing any upgrades you may have made. As a licensed and qualified Realtor® living in Chester County since 1982, I am your best resource for area sales trends and market conditions. Expect first-class advisement, master negotiation, detail-management, patience and a smooth transition into your new home.